A challenge common among many pharmaceutical companies is to relate the detailed outcomes of external clinical trials to their own research. This is made difficult by both the distributed nature of global organizations and the distributed nature of clinical trial information.

Callimachus has played a key role in aggregating clinical study information for pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.  Dr. David Wood, CTO of 3 Round Stones, and Dr. Tom Plasterer, a bioinformaticist at AstraZeneca, describe the solution in a poster at two upcoming conferences:

3 Round Stones and AstraZeneca created a system to allow coordinated views of distributed clinical trial information. AstraZeneca can view coordinated clinical trial information across internal and external sources and is moving it toward production use. We demonstrated that a Linked Data approach to distributed information retrieval works for clinical trial information highlighting the benefits of cooperation without coordination for typical biomedical informatics challenges.