3 Round Stones is pleased to announce the general availability of Callimachus Open Source version 1.3.1.  A Callimachus Enterprise release is anticipated to follow shortly.

Callimachus version 1.3.1 is primarily a bug fix release, which addresses a number of small bugs present in Callimachus versions 1.2 and 1.3.  A summary of the most important bug fixes may be found at:


Other bugs fixed in this release include a fix for the JQuery-UI date picker when using the Firefox browser.  This bug interfered with the workflow used in the new developers tutorial for Firefox users:


Some new features are introduced that will be expanded in the future.  These features are aimed at making the Callimachus user experience easier to use and easier for new users to understand.  Thanks for the many comments and suggestions we have received from users of both the Open Source and Enterprise editions of Callimachus for these ideas. The new features include:

Folder tour

Admin dashboard

Import folder contents

Documentation and tutorial enhancements relevant to this release include:


Address book

Callimachus Enterprise presentations.