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Callimachus Enterprise

Are you a data scientist who wants to do real work with data, not spend 50% of your time massaging spreadsheets or proprietary modeling tools? Or, are you a Web developer looking to create a responsive, mobile first app that combines documents, PDFs, images and more? Callimachus Enterprise is the leading framework for producing data driven apps. We've done the heavy lifing so you don't have to. Callimachus integrates Bootstrap for theming, D3 for visualizations and extensable JavaScript libraries like AngularJS so you can rapidly build semantically-enabled apps & keep your data portable. To protect your investment, Callimachus is fanatically Web standards compliant for maximum interoperability.

Check out the video on Linked Data and Callimachus that describes how a Linked Data Management System differs from popular content management systems like Drupal and Joomla. The Callimachus installation video explains how to install & configure Callimachus.