Callimachus Enterprise

Callimachus for OEM/Strategic Partners

Callimachus for OEM/Strategic Partners

Are you creating an offering that uses data from many places and is in different formats? Do you have a highly compressed timeline to build a prototype? Or, are you like the thousands of data scientists tapping into data from Wikipedia, Open Street Maps, census, weather or standard vocabularies for healthcare?

If you are collaborating using images, documents, PDFs and data in spreadsheets, Callimachus Enterprise's collaboration'. Callimachus is an out-of-the-box Web application server with collaboration, social profile creation & annotation features.

No vendor or data lock-in here. Our team is on the forefront of interoperability, both on the public Web or behind the enterprise firewall. 3 Round Stones offers the leading platform to help you deliver beautiful, responsive applications that your customers and search engines will love.